Announcement of a new iVision® Audit version
Process-oriented remote auditing

Due to different points of view, the issue of auditing is becoming more and more important both for the audited parties and the initiators of the very audits. The reasons for that consist in the increasing numbers of audits, among other things.

The requirements of the different standards are supplementary to that. Mostly, they are based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 but they are relatively quickly supplemented by specified trade or industry standards, like, for example, IATF/16949 up to standard 14001:2015 on environmental protection.

Alternative auditing solutions can gain significance especially in the ecological department for life cycle assessments according to ISO 14040. The following briefly depicted scenarios are referred to time and again:

  • Auditing tourism: A supplier is audited almost every week.
  • A specialist is needed for an audit and must make the entire amount of time for the journey to the destination and the return as well as for participation in the complete audit despite their limited participation assignment.
  • Controlling audits need to be performed. The time requirements for these are not as intense as for complete audits but the efforts including traveling time are identical nonetheless.
  • For an audit abroad lasting 2-3 days, the auditor respectively the auditing team will be under way for an entire week including the journey to the destination and the return.
  • And many things more.

If you consider that “solely” one of these points applies to your situation, the utilization of our solution can help you to a considerable extent yet. This is especially so as the new ISO 19011:2018 already makes reference to remote audits and states that they are supposed to be adequate and well-balanced taking into account risks and chances.

iVision® – a brand of PeRoBa® Unternehmensberatung (Management Consultancy) GmbH (LLC)

The iVision Audit is a remote audit solution which provides a new basis for the performance of audits. The auditor or the respective expert conducts the audit on their home computer. It needs to be agreed in advance whether a co-auditor will be used on-site or whether the audited company will deploy a coworker as a co-auditor.

The co-auditor will be wearing data glasses through which the auditor will be able to see and hear exactly what the co-auditor will be hearing and seeing on-site. As a supplement to that, the auditor can supply additional information or instructions to the co-auditor via augmented reality.

Audit evidence can then be documented by means of photos and / or videos in order for them to be recorded in the subsequent audit report. The auditor can either assess the entire situation and the proof right away or later while creating the report.

Of course, corresponding conceptions with regard to different roles and users will be on file when it comes down to several clients / auditors. Data will be transmitted and stored in an encrypted manner, which will also hold true up to supplements to automated report creation. As another optional functionality, the system can be evaluated based on the audit and the respective underlying standards.

For that, the coverage rate of the audit scope will be taken as a basis and assessed in an automated manner based on the evaluation. Clients of PeRoBa Unternehmensberatung (Management Consultancy) GmbH (LLC) already know this system from our audit reports.

Example for the application of iVision®

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Pfeifle CEO and his coworkers from the CTP GmbH (LLC) company in whose rooms we could film the iVision® Audit application.

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