iVision® – Smart Solutions by PeRoBa® Unternehmensberatung GmbH

iVision® – the basic module: A patented smart order picking solution

This is about one example out of many for companies with a warehouse irrespectively of its very size and of the utilization of the used warehouse management system (WMS). As a rule, order picking is tantamount to a key process for such companies. Our patented iVision® solution makes it possible to bring in and connect in a flexible, fast and safe manner different order picking tools, like, for example, scanners, tablets and data glasses, so-called smart glasses.

iVision® is independent of any individual manufacturers. This means that users may utilize the hardware which suits them best and connect it through iVision® to their existing (IT) infrastructures.

iVision® – Audit

The PeRoBa® Unternehmensberatung GmbH (Management Consultancy) has released a new software module for iVision®, namely the iVision®-Audit. This module has been designed for utilization in the quality management department in order to support auditors and companies when it comes down to the ever increasing auditing efforts.

Depending on what types of requirements need to be fulfilled, a ROI can already realistically be obtained on the first actually performed audit!


What is an audit?

The auditing manual DIN EN ISO 19011:2018 was published in July 2018. Referring to the definition of 19011, an audit is a systematic and independent as well as a documented procedure for assessing audit evidence in an objective and independent way. Different management systems require that audits be performed. There are so-called supplier audits – second party audits – demanded, which are demanded by clients as well.

Audits may actually help to achieve company targets, like, for example:

  • A management system for assessments and further developments in the areas of quality, environment, energy, information safety and security, data protection or health and safety according to internationally recognized ISO standards
  • The detection of process and working directive optimizations
  • The introduction or the abidance by new guidelines and their efficiency
  • The examination of chances and risks
  • And many things more…


How can audit efforts be reduced?

We can explain the actual benefits of iVision®-Audit during external audits. In a typical situation, auditors need to perform an actual audit on-site. High costs for traveling, accommodation and taxi rides can be incurred over that.

iVision® desktop symbol for 4.0 audits

If you use iVision®-Audit, you won’t have to bear such great expenses and you can perform the actual audit just as if the auditor was on-site. iVision®-Audit has a lean architecture and is easy to incorporate into existing safety and security conceptions over integrated safety and security guidelines.




The auditor will start the audit on his or her computer while using a personalized dashboard. He or she can guide and steer any co-auditors..


A colleague who is on-site will take over the role of the co-auditor. He or she will start the iVision®-Audit on his or her mobile device, which might be data glasses, a tablet or another mobile gadget. Thereby, a 1:1 connection will be built which will enable the auditor to talk to the co-auditor over the mobile device used on-site and also to see what is going on through the integrated camera. Thus, the auditor can give to the co-auditor directives on what he or she wants to look at and check out. As a supplement to that, the auditor may send to the mobile device of the co-auditor information and processing directives in order to support him or her. On the other hand, the auditor can also record aka save audit evidence in order to secure and document such evidence. Any existing data protection regulations will apply.


What types of efforts are required for using iVision®-Audit?

Efforts are reduced to the minimum level in every aspect. The auditor will need a customary computer with an up-to-date operating system and internet access. The co-auditor will require a mobile device, which might be a smartphone, a tablet or another mobile gadget with audio-visual transmission. iVision®-Audit can be used on different systems irrespectively of their manufacturers!

A presentation is possible at any time in order to demonstrate the application and its functions.

The following optional additional functions can be made available as well:

  • Automated creation of an auditing report
  • An audit function which has been prepared especially for the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 catalog and for the IATF, etc.
  • VDA 6.3 support
  • VDA 6.2 support
  • Individual user and rights concepts can be realized
  • Individual requirements can be implemented upon consultation


iVision® – a brand of the PeRoBa® Unternehmensberatung GmbH (Management Consultancy)

Dr. Scherb, the executive partner of the PeRoBa® Unternehmensberatung GmbH (Management Consultancy) stated on the milestones achieved successfully this year:
“Our team and I are especially happy that we were granted the patent on the “device and procedure for visual technical support of manual order picking processes” by the German Patent and Trademark Office. Now iVision® is also among the best IT solutions for small and medium-sized companies! iVision® was awarded the prize for the best innovation in 2018. To us, these are the driving forces for developing iVision® further and to implement client requirements
in a pragmatic and efficient way.“

made-in-germanyiVision® is a brand of the PeRoBa® Unternehmensberatung GmbH (Management Consultancy). We are developing software according to ISO/IEC 29110:2011 and SCRUM.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if we have awakened your interest.