Route optimizations during order picking

Modern route optimizations beyond the issues of „traveling salespeople“

More efficiency and less errors during order picking

Route optimizations in order picking can be traced back to the classical problems of “traveling salespeople”. Our hard-working sales representative must get to a certain quantity of places which are interconnected by routes (precisely once to every such location) and their entire route should be as short as possible, of course. After all, time has always been money.

As the types of activities that are supposed to get done at such places are irrelevant, the traveling salespeople’s issues can be directly transferred to order picking processes. But while traveling salespeople were solely on their ways by car (as it has been passed down to us and since no construction sites or other problems were assumed back then), route optimization during order picking can take into account scenarios which are much more complex than that. Therefore, it can be used in a more targeted way than classical algorithms.

Problems during order picking

Two areas need to be optimized when it comes down to modern order picking. The time between the receipt of the order and its roll-out needs to be minimized as much as possible. Thus, the order picker who does the actual job can process more orders during the same time, which is equal to the desired increase in efficiency. Processing time gets shortened and sales figures are regularly enhanced.
During classical order picking, errors during the process have regularly impacts on the entire subsequent process – items that are not in stock need to be replaced or obtained from other places, inaccessible areas undo the entire route planning and unavailable auxiliary means like no fork lift trucks make it impossible to get through the list at all.

Route planning and order picking processes will become even more complex if they are supplemented through modern auxiliary means (like, e.g., Pick-by-Light) or by advanced methods like parallel order picking.

Software for route optimization during order picking

Practically, every order picking solution has their built-in route optimization.

The problem is, as follows: Often times, they are static or it’s hard to adapt them to the factually existing situations within the real environments when it comes down to routes and space. The results are “suboptimal” route optimizations which do away with a large part of the efficiency potential of the entire solution. Or even worse – the selected solution might require that processes and depots be adjusted to the new software – instead of the other way round.

A lot of classical route optimizations can’t interact with modern auxiliary means like data glasses at all. Of course, a lot of potential is lost again because of that. This way, auxiliary means can’t provide dynamic feedback to the order picking system (the optimum way can’t be used right now, part of the list needs to be replaced…).

Individual route optimization with iVision® – optimized order picking with Pick-by-Vision

Our iVision® for Pick-by-Vision offers a flexible option for integrating modern order-picking into any system landscapes, be it in the forms of new installations or additions to old systems. Thus, truly individualized route optimizations in order picking which live up to their names can be realized due to its flexibility and modular structure.

iVision® takes into account almost all the hardware specifications, existing system landscapes and of course, practically all the needs for individualizing order picking processes.

Thus, iVision® is one of the few systems on the market which can realize both complex new introductions and extension projects in your warehouse through one single and flexible platform for data glasses. We are happy to show you how you can increase efficiency and quality in order picking through modern auxiliary means like data glasses and specialized route optimization software.

iVision® is the patented solution of PeRoBa® Unternehmensberatung (Management Consultancy) GmbH for optimally enhancing manual order picking processes. iVision® was awarded the “Best of 2018” IT innovation prize.

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